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Motivational trainers in Kerala

Transformational Leadership - A Psychological Approach

Duration – 03 days

Even though there is no universally applicable leadership style, almost all the present day leadership styles are nothing but a blend of the transformational style of leadership with modified principles. Even in authoritarian leadership, we can see the influence of transformational styles of approach which strongly believes in motivating the employees for the better deliverance of their role. Motivating others, which requires the lot of self-motivation, clarity of purpose, commitment, openness, dedication and courage to accept criticism.A research says that only 3% leaders are born and 97% leaders are created. The success of any organization is decided by the level of leadership they maintain. It requires continuous mentoring, monitoring, appreciation, correction and innovative approach at each level to maintain momentum towards success.
The three days workshop, 'Transformational Leadership – A Psychological Approach' is designed to enhance the leadership qualities of people from different walks of life. The workshop will enable the participants to recognize the need of leadership which is the core of present day management. Since corporate decisions are influenced by the perceptions of the decision makers, it is highly essential to have right perception towards people and principles at a top level. The 'Transformational Leadership – A Psychological Approach' workshop will undoubtedly be an eye-opener to top decision makers.
Failure in communication contributes a lot to the failure of an organization. People, especially decision makers, do believe that they are good communicators too. A research says that very few percentage of teachers, priests, managers, political leaders etc. are blessed with the skill of conveying their visions. As the initial visionary viewed, the three days leadership and motivational workshop will enable the participants to recognize their brain nature, communication barriers, and others need while conveying the ideas. As attitude decides everything – leader’s right attitude plays a key role in making or breaking any organization. Attitudes are formed and influenced by many factors which include, early childhood days, social backgrounds, peer influence, media influence, the influence of drugs and alcohol etc. The 'Transformational Leadership – Psychological Approach' workshop will be an ideal option for the aspiring leaders to understand and modify their attitude so that they lead a value based life which will help them to influence others. The leadership trainer Dr.Saju Mathew’s experience as a successful leading entrepreneur has influenced the development of the program.

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